Q: Can I change my address before my order has been shipped?

A: Of course! Please contact us here with your order number and new address! The same goes for if you need to update your email address and/or contact details.


Q: What is the difference between preorders and instocks?

A: Preorder refer to products that have not yet been manufactured; they are in the funding stage and are therefore offered at a cheaper price in return for waiting longer for your order to ship out. Instocks are products that are in stock and can be shipped out ASAP. Orders with both preorder and instock products will only be shipped once all items are ready - in the case of preorders, that means that you will have to wait until they are all manufactured. Please do not place an order for preorder products if you cannot wait for them. Long preorder times or change of mind will not result in a refund.


Q: How can I check the status of preorder products in my order?

A: Please keep an eye on the preorder spreadsheet here to see the most up to date status on preorder products. Alternatively, keep an eye on our Instagram - all updates will also be posted on our story, and saved to the "Updates" highlight.


Q: Where are you products manufactured?

A: Unless specifically stated, most products and packaging supplies are made in China. All enamel pins and keychains are manufactured in China, prints are manufactured in Australia, and apparel is manufactured in New Zealand. All items are designed and conceived right here in New Zealand, and are all original ideas created by Ephemeral Pins.


Q: Can I sell my pins from Ephemeral Pins?

A: If you are purchasing only for the purpose of reselling - no.

If you are trying to downsize your collection, we have no problem with you selling our pins and/or other products. We only ask that you charge the amount you originally paid for them (plus shipping). Any scalping will result in a blacklist from our store and your name will be shared amongst the pin-maker community.


Q: Can I trade my pins from Ephemeral Pins?

A: Yes! However, Ephemeral Pins is not responsible for any trades that go wrong or result in one person scamming another.


Last updated Dec 30th, 2020



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